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How to Differentiate your Sales Proposals

Driving sales through Social Impact in the RFP — Givewith’s Unique Offering

Today, companies are on the hunt for new and innovative ways that they can differentiate their sales proposals. These proposals are an essential part in not only landing new customers, but also keeping your current customers in a highly competitive market. Creating a winning sales proposal requires crafting a meaningful experience for your buyer. Discovering ways to help create this meaningful experience, without increasing how much your business spends is crucial to creating competitive advantages.

Here at Givewith, we believe by including Social Impact directly in your sales proposals, your company will stand out from your competitors, while contributing to bettering the planet.

Creating a Competitive Sales Advantage Through Social Impact

The business market is always changing, and discovering new ways to increase sales without adding to your expenditures can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

There is untapped revenue potential around the world moving through sales transactions every day. The value of these transactions is huge: roughly $97 trillion according to research by the Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance.  There is an easy way to utilize these transaction dollars in your already occurring business by utilizing them as added value for your business and customers.

According to a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group for Givewith, leveraging Social Impact as a sales differentiator is 13 times more valuable than traditional sales incentives like free shipping or volume rebates, while a 2017 Cone Communications study revealed that 63% of Americans want businesses to advance the cause of social and environmental change. These figures are not insignificant, lending many organizations to reevaluate how they can capitalize on these valuable insights in their sales strategy.

Here at Givewith, we’ve created an easy and unique way to leverage contributions to sales enablement, while providing this transformative Social Impact.

How Givewith for Sales Uses Social Impact to Differentiate Your Sales Proposals

Givewith for Sales delivers a unique sales differentiator in the form of curated Social Impact programs. Using Givewith’s SaaS Solution is easy. Givewith allows you to choose from curated Social Impact programs that help your sales proposals stand out.

Our SaaS product allows sales reps to choose a cause area, enter basic information about their deal, and request approval of a sales incentive. Our Givewith for sales software product provides a simplified approval framework so business leaders can review proposed Gives and approve them as they see fit. There are three, easy ways to pay for your Give, all of which are included in the Givewith software. Once approved, the Give waits to transact for notification of whether the deal was won or lost. When the deal is won, a separate approver tells Givewith to execute the sales incentive. Once complete, we’ll provide a transaction confirmation you can share with your customer as proof you met your commitment to creating a global Social Impact through the transactions you’re already conducting.

Transforming Every Transaction

Your sales proposals are critical to gaining and maintaining business, so differentiating them with a unique offering your competitors can’t match is important. Through incorporating Givewith for Sales into sales renewals or new proposals, you’re strengthening your relationships and contributing to a global good.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Proposals?

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