Network impact drill

Stanley Fatmax FMEH750 chain impact drill has a rotation frequency of 0 — 54400 rpm and a rotation speed of 0 — 3200 rpm.

$ 399.00 USD
$ 450.00 USD

Circular Saw Grand

The Grand PD-20 BL/PRO is a powerful and convenient cordless circular saw designed for cutting a variety of materials.

$ 420.00 USD

Circular saw

Engineered for precision and efficiency, this power tool employs a rapidly rotating toothed disc to make swift and accurate cuts through a myriad of materials, ranging from wood to plastic and metal.

$ 540.00 USD

Flying Ninja

The Bosch Professional GSB 185-Li Brushless Impact Drill-Screwdriver Kit is a powerful and versatile tool designed for professional applications.

$ 129.00 USD
$ 150.00 USD
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