Our Approach

Make your purchases and sales transactions more efficient by leveraging pre-distribution

Social Value Economics turns business transactions into an engine for positive social change.

It’s impossible to solve sustainability and social challenges if funding comes solely from redistribution after profits. 

Instead, the source of impact dollars should come from corporate sources, where real money is spent – client acquisition and retention budgets, sourcing and procurement spend, and other corporate activities.

It’s time to fund impact by tapping into the largest source of capital, by making purchase and sales transactions more efficient. Fundamentally, this is the difference between pre-distribution and redistribution

By embedding social impact funding into your day-to-day business transactions, you can win more deals, buy more efficiently, and have a more measurable impact on your ESG commitments now, rather than trying to fund them from profit margins later on.

Social Value Economics


“Scalewith, and the Social Value Economic construct, represents a breakthrough in creating more dynamic business models that create social and environmental benefit by integrating social and environmental impact as a component of transactions.”

Todd Cort & Cary Krosinsky
Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance