Procure with Purpose 

Transform procurement activities into new funding sources for sustainability
and social impact commitments

Using our fast and secure SaaS solution, BuyWith, procurement teams leverage purchasing power by adding funding for social impact and ESG commitments as part of your sourcing and procurement initiatives. The benefit is a measurable value-added investment in social impact, flowing directly from private sector commercial transactions and public sector business to government transactions. Your suppliers and you become partners in addressing social impact and sustainability, where all parties benefit.

BuyWith’s Value to Procurement Teams

Deliver value beyond savings
Award contracts based on key cost, terms, quality and supply criteria while also unlocking funding that delivers measurable impact on sustainability and social impact commitments.

Extend procurement’s strategic impact
Easily embed a repeatable process into sourcing and RFP criteria, without impacting costs and terms. Suppliers fund the social impact incentive from their existing sales, marketing and client acquisition budgets, which also help achieve your respective social impact, sustainability and ESG commitments.

Share impacts and strengthen key relationships
Access detailed impact reporting and award-winning media content. Distribute content via internal and external communication channels including Slack, Workday, MS Teams and LinkedIn.