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Network impact drill

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Stanley Fatmax FMEH750 chain impact drill has a rotation frequency of 0 — 54400 rpm and a rotation speed of 0 — 3200 rpm.

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Stanley Fatmax FMEH750 Corded Hammer Drill

The Stanley Fatmax FMEH750 is a powerful corded hammer drill equipped with a frequency of 0 – 54400 impacts per minute and a rotational speed of 0 – 3200 revolutions per minute.

Key Features of FMEH750:

  • Powerful 750W Motor:

The drill features a robust 750-watt motor with variable speed for a smooth start, enhancing precision in various applications.

  • Hammer Mechanism:

The hammer mechanism ensures efficient task execution, especially in applications requiring additional force.

  • 13mm Chuck with Single Sleeve:

The 13mm chuck with a single sleeve provides secure fastening, offering stability during operations.

The Stanley Fatmax FMEH750 is designed to deliver reliable performance and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of drilling tasks. Whether you need precision with the variable speed control or the added power of the hammer mechanism, this drill is engineered to meet the demands of your projects.

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