Make sales proposals stand out by delivering unique societal value to your customers

SellWith is a SaaS solution designed to help sales teams generate more revenue and improve customer retention rates by embedding funding for the corporate social responsibility and sustainability commitments of their customers and prospects (e.g., Net Zero, Climate, DE&I, Veterans/First Responders, STEAM Workforce Development) directly into sales proposals.

SellWith can be accessed through our native Salesforce client, or through our web-based interface.

SellWith’s Value to Sales Teams

Win more business, with improved margins

Provide a deal incentive that delivers a greater ROI. Secure customer renewals, preserve pricing and improve margins while boosting value for your customers, your employees, and society.

Differentiate your product or service and increase win rates 

Access our Social Impact Intelligence and insights to gather valuable data on the sustainability and social impact initiatives your customers care about. Use this intelligence to boost your competitive advantage and create proposals directly from Salesforce that highlight the increased impact your customers can make by choosing your deal — enhanced measurable impact that helps them meet their organization’s ESG and social impact goals.

Add value across your organizations

Access detailed impact reporting and studio-quality media content. Share the direct impact of using SellWith with your investors, employees and customers by leveraging our award-winning Social Impact content library of over 1,000 videos, photos, pre-written social media posts and press releases. Distribute content across internal and external communication channels including social media, websites, media relations and intranets.