Our Story

ScaleWith is a fast-growing technology company fueled by a suite of market-making SaaS products that provide a path for customers to turn their environmental and social impact commitments from a cost center into a revenue generator. 

ScaleWith’s Inception

Spun out of CBS, as part of the CBS-Viacom merger, ScaleWith is the successor of EcoMedia, a company that CBS acquired in 2010, which matured into $100M+ in social impact funding. With over a decade of growth, CBS EcoMedia sharpened its value proposition, its business model and operations. ScaleWith has now transformed CBS EcoMedia’s business model into an enterprise-grade SaaS business, based on proven and patented technology that efficiently serves customers’ ESG and CSR commitments and obligations through traditional business transactions across a multitude of sectors and industries. 

Founder & CEO, Paul Polizzotto’s career encompasses 35+ years and three businesses that each successfully applied social impact to create the latest shared value enjoyed between buyers and sellers in their business transactions.