Our SaaS Solutions for Social Impact

ScaleWith combines SaaS technology with social impact funding to help private enterprises and public sectors reach their sustainability and social impact commitments. Our product suite integrates social impact funding on the sell-side and buy-side activities to create multifaceted shared value for both parties to the transaction. This ability to deliver shared financial, marketing, HR, ESG/CSR, and investor relations value is powered by a renowned data intelligence engine that utilizes secure and scalable patented AI/ML-related services. This intelligence provides our customers with:

Company Sustainability Insights: produce a detailed social impact and sustainability profile of companies with whom a customer desires to commercially transact

Algorithmic Impact Recommendations: recommend and select social impact programs that align with the transacting parties’ most material social impact and sustainability commitments and obligations 

Embedded Impact Incentives: incorporate impact funding into typical buy-side and/or sell-side transactions to achieve specific measurable, reportable, and verifiable impact outputs and outcomes that are shared by both parties 

Auditable Impact Reporting: assist the parties in measuring, reporting, and verifying the results of the impact which is aligned with the most stringent global impact frameworks and ESG regulatory standards