ScaleWith for Suppliers

Why ScaleWith’s Programs Are Beneficial for Suppliers

Collaborate and create shared value with customers in a meaningful way by having a direct, measurable impact on your company’s ESG/CSR obligations
Protect your margins in bids
Support stronger stakeholder relations:
– More efficient Marketing, HR, Investor Relations & ESG/CSR Spend
– Increase in Employee Engagement/Satisfaction
– Increase in Brand Reputation
– Enhanced Investor Relations & ESG/CSR Impact

How does it work for suppliers?

Step 1: Buyers invite suppliers to join the Social Impact Partnership program to support sustainability and impact goals

  • Suppliers will receive an invitation to commit funding to a social impact and sustainability program pre-selected by your buyer
  • Selected programs are from ScaleWith’s network of Social Impact Organizations and have been pre-vetted

Step 2: Suppliers enroll and become part of your buyer’s supplier impact network

  • Suppliers interested in participating should submit their details to ScaleWith (use the form below) in order to commit to a social impact pledge

Step 3: ScaleWith onboards committed suppliers and completes the funding process

  • ScaleWith contacts participating suppliers to onboard them
  • Suppliers choose from their buyer’s pre-selected set of impact programs and enter the amount they will pledge to fund the selected program
  • ScaleWith manages the measurement, reporting, and verification of each social impact funding commitment

Step 4: Share the impact data and media delivered and tracked by ScaleWith

  • ScaleWith delivers funding directly to the selected Social Impact Organization, and tracks the measurement, reporting, and verification of each social impact commitment
  • The impact reporting related to the funding is delivered to both buyers and suppliers in an audit-worthy manner and allows both parties to use within their respective impact and sustainability reports
  • Buyers and suppliers utilize ScaleWith’s award-winning media library to demonstrate to stakeholders that their company drove positive social change; including imagery, videos, social posts, impact data, and storytelling metrics

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