ScaleWith’s software accelerates social impact funding by tapping into the largest source of capital — commercial transactions.

Society’s most pressing challenges are not progressing quickly enough, and the corporate world’s funding efforts to combat these challenges from the bottom of the global economy are not moving the needle. 

Transform social impact from a cost center into a revenue generator

ScaleWith integrates SaaS technology with social impact to help your organization meet sustainability and social impact goals, all while driving increased business value in sales initiatives, and sourcing & procurement activities — at no additional cost.

Redefining Social Impact Funding

As long as funding for social impact is coming from the redistribution of profits through corporate philanthropic donations and CSR, we will never be able to adequately address our most pressing sustainability and social challenges.

To solve the most significant issues facing our planet and society, social impact funding must come directly from the most efficient and effective sources — the intersection of business transactions between buyers and sellers. The epicenter of business transactions is also where significant corporate investment is directed in the form of customer acquisition, account retention, procurement, and other incentives.

The headwinds of the global economy have created additional challenges for companies as they strive to fund their social impact commitments from their profits. In today’s environment, business leaders seek innovative methodologies that improve their business performance, enable their companies to grow faster, and enhance stakeholder relationships while creating new social impact funding streams at no additional cost.

Using ScaleWith’s software accelerates impact funding by tapping into the largest source of capital — commercial transactions. This approach does not compete with existing CSR or philanthropy budgets, it actually augments and enhances existing investments.

The benefit is a measurable value-added investment in social impact, flowing directly from private-sector commercial transactions and public-sector business to government transactions. This social impact funding is directed to critical areas including:

  • Climate & Sustainability
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Veterans/First Responders
  • STEAM Workforce Development

What is “Sustainability as a Service”?

As in 2010 after the financial crisis, the headwinds of the global economy today have created additional challenges for companies, most especially those that have made sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments (including Net Zero, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Veterans/First Responders Assistance, and STEAM Workforce Development). Increasingly, investors, rating agencies, and analysts demand greater rigor, verification, and transparency — which adds more pressure on companies to fund these commitments as part of their core business strategy to improve performance, spur growth and enhance relationships with investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. 

ScaleWith’s products, SellWith and BuyWith, deliver “sustainability as a service” at the epicenter of business transactions where significant corporate investments are spent — customer acquisition, account retention, procurement, and supply chain management. 

SellWith is available within Salesforce’s CRM AppExchange and BuyWith interfaces with leading procurement platforms. ScaleWith advances sustainability and social impact from a back office function to the front office and directly aligns it with C-suite priorities, including customers, employee engagement, and multi-party transactions with critical stakeholders.