Transform social impact from a cost center into a revenue generator

Increase win rates, secure customer renewals, preserve pricing, and improve win-backs by providing differentiated business and societal value at no additional cost to the deal

Why ScaleWith

ScaleWith lets you increase revenue and drive growth by embedding social impact into B2B and B2G transactions.

Make your business stand out by offering unique value to customers, clients, and suppliers. Our platform allows organizations to unlock social impact funding at the proposal and procurement stages — so they can invest in sustainability projects as part of everyday commercial transactions.

Seamless integration with procurement and sales workflows, including Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM, makes our add-on applications easy to use, too.

Win more business and increase revenues

Redeploy underperforming customer acquisition and retention budgets with incentives that improve our society and planet.

ScaleWith helps you understand what your customers actually care about — and embeds social funding into your everyday business transactions.

The results? Increased win rates, renewals, stable pricing, and greater societal value —without impacting the cost of a deal.

Use social impact to differentiate your sales proposals

Select from over 140 Social Impact Partners with 500+ programs worldwide. ScaleWith uses AI, investor disclosures, and ESG commitments to gain insights into your buyer’s social impact priorities.

Use this insight to embed funding for a specific social initiative directly into your sales proposal, providing unique value in every transaction you make.

Once a deal is made, ScaleWith‘s reports and analytics let you quantify the results from your social impact funding and tie it straight back to your KPIs.

Deepen your relationships with customers, employees and key stakeholders

ScaleWith’s library of over 1,000 videos, photos, social media content, and b-roll footage helps users demonstrate and share the impact of their funding with customers, employees, investors and partners.

Our SaaS Solutions

Produce unique, impactful sales proposals by using social impact as a sales incentive.

Leverage procurement activities into new funding for sustainability, ESG, and D&I commitments.

Access pre-vetted social impact projects and companies within ScaleWith’s network of 140+ Social Impact Partners and 500+ programs worldwide.

“We’re unleashing the power of commerce as an engine for social change.”

Paul Polizzotto
ScaleWith Founder and CEO