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Social Impact Copilot™ is an AI agent for CSR, marketing, sales, and procurement teams who want to drive profits with purpose and stand out in competitive markets.

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AI is showing up at our workplaces with a mission–to help us make a bigger, bolder impact with profits. Social Impact Copilot™ sifts through data, prompts, and metadata, transforming CSR from a solo mission into a team sport. Use it to craft custom insights, strategies, and recommendations to sell, market, and buy with impact.

With Social Impact Copilot™, CSR isn't just a 'nice-to-have'—it's a strategic advantage driving your business forward.

Marketing & PR

Get actionable insights for ESG reporting and stakeholder engagement


Create compelling social impact stories for brand differentiation and consumer engagement


Get a blueprint for implementing sustainable and ethical procurement practices

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“Social Impact Copilot has delivered on the expectations we were promised during the sales process. It has enabled our marketing and sales teams to know when and how to rely on the AI to create smarter ways to connect with our customers on doing business with values at the center of every deal. This has helped us build trust with our customers in a way we were not able to in the past.”

CEO, Digital & Cloud Consultancy

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Social Impact Copilot™

What is Social Impact Copilot™?

Social Impact Copilot™ is a free tool built on OpenAI for sales, marketing, CSR, and procurement teams. It helps them add social impact to their CSR strategy and overall business goals. The AI agent provides custom advice and keeps up with the latest trends, rules, and ESG standards. It also aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

How does Social Impact Copilot™️ work?

Social Impact Copilot™️ works with ScaleWith’s Social Impact AI platform. It gathers data from multiple sources, including information on cause areas, social impact programs, and partnerships. The data comes from ScaleWith’s network, consisting of pre-vetted social impact organizations, corporate commitment research, and CSRHub partnerships. Social Impact Copilot™️ gets even more detailed when users upload documents like proposals and partnership summaries.

Why use Social Impact Copilot™?

Social Impact Copilot™ helps businesses see how to integrate social impact into their strategies and the value that comes with it. Use it to get customized recommendations aligned with CSR, Sustainability, and ESG reporting standards. Explore other ScaleWith tools to integrate social impact funding directly into your B2B transactions.

How much does Social Impact Copilot™ cost?

Social Impact Copilot™ is free. It’s a first step to seeing how social impact can be infused into your business. ScaleWith has a suite of products to help drive profits and purpose across your organization.