About ScaleWith Blueprinting

Marketing and sales have more competition than ever. But guess what? You don’t have to compete. You can create — immense value and differentiation for your business and your customers by offering them something no one else can.

How it works

We use ScaleWith's customer intelligence and AI to find social impact use cases that can uplift revenue and improve renewals for your business through our free Blueprinting method.

1. Discovery

Here's where we define the problem you’re trying to solve and the world you want to create. We map your customer pain points and help you prioritize opportunities for differentiation and growth.

2. Architecture & Roadmapping

We examine your current business architecture to help you understand what it will take to achieve your future vision. You can think of roadmapping as backcasting (or working back) from your desired goal.

3. Business Value

Value mapping is matching things from one system to another so they work well together. In this phase, we define the business case for social impact selling and marketing and set KPIs to determine if it's doing well or needs to improve.

4. Use Case Development

First, we'll talk to you to understand the nuances of your use case. Next, our team will create a wireframe and a prototype—or a demo—to show you how things will work. Based on your feedback, we'll make improvements so that we create exactly what you’re looking for.

Customer Success Stories

Mike Ledbin

CEO, Pacific Science

“SellWith & Copilot have been an important platform in amplifying our brand's visibility and driving new customer awareness.”
Gerson Barnett

CEO, RightThing Media

“SellWith insights and support have been important in our journey to deepen customer relationships and enhance revenue streams.”
Sanjay Japudi

CEO AccelQ

“We integrated Copilot and SellWith into our success planning process to proactively engage customers, not just when they have issues and or are a renewal risk.”

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