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Want to win customers and influence sales? Meet SellWith, the customer intelligence tool that supercharges your CRM with cause data. Picture this: you’re not just reaching out to prospects, you’re connecting with them on a level that ignites meaningful conversations and propels deals forward. How? By tapping into—their deepest values.

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Reinforce customer loyalty by continuously aligning your business practices with the values that brought you together in the first place. SellWith's customer intelligence an AI helps keep these values in focus, making every renewal decision an easy “yes.”

Grow with purpose

Your next advantage

With SellWith's customer intelligence and AI, you’re not just entering new markets—you’re making a grand entrance. Dive into territories and niches you never thought possible, armed with cause insights that not only introduce you but set you up as the one to beat.

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Leveraging SellWith has opened up new avenues for meaningful conversations with our customers, changing the way traditional marketing engagement and tactics have worked in the past.
Mike Ledbin

CEO, Pacific Science

“SellWith & Copilot have been an important platform in amplifying our brand's visibility and driving new customer awareness.”
Gerson Barnett

CEO, RightThing Media

“SellWith insights and support have been important in our journey to deepen customer relationships and enhance revenue streams.”
Sanjay Japudi

CEO AccelQ

“We integrated Copilot and SellWith into our success planning process to proactively engage customers, not just when they have issues and or are a renewal risk.”

SellWith FAQ

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Why should I use SellWith?

With our state-of-the-art customer intelligence tools, every piece of data is turned into an opportunity to not only meet but exceed your customer’s expectations. Our technology and our strategy is about building lasting relationships that are rooted in shared values to keep delivering value and differentiation.

Is SellWith free?

No, but you can get started with our FREE Social Impact Copilot™ AI tool.

SellWith, our paid product, comes with 10-15 hours of complimentary ScaleWith Blueprinting, so you're set up for success. Our experts show you how to use SellWith to stand out in crowded markets, drive smarter sales, and tell captivating stories to win more business.

What is social impact selling?

Social impact selling is a way of selling products or services by focusing on their positive effects on society and the environment.

For businesses, social impact selling has many benefits:

1. More Loyal Customers: People like buying things that match their values. When businesses sell things that make a positive impact, customers trust and stay loyal to them more.

2. Standing Out: In a saturated market, showing how your products help society can differentiate your business.

3. Better Brand Image: When a business cares about social good, it looks better to customers, people who might want to work there, and even those who might invest in the business.

4. More Sales and Better Prices: Some customers are willing to pay more for products that help with social causes, which can mean more sales and bigger profits.

5. Future Success: Focusing on social impact helps with long-term goals to improve the world, leading to more sustainable ways of doing business and success over time.

6. Happier Employees: People like working for a company that cares about making a difference. This can make employees happier and draw in people who want to work for a company with a purpose.

What is social impact marketing?

Social impact marketing is a strategy where a business aligns its marketing efforts with social causes or environmental issues, often highlighting how its products, services, or business practices contribute positively to society. It often involves creating a narrative around the company's commitment to making a difference in the world.

For businesses, social impact marketing has many benefits:

1. Brand Differentiation: When many companies sell similar products, social impact marketing helps a brand stand out. It draws in customers who like buying things that benefit society.

2. Loyal Customers: People tend to stick with and trust brands that care about social and environmental issues.

3. Happy Employees: Many workers want to work for companies that match their own values. This marketing approach makes employees happier and attracts talented new hires.

4. Good Reputation: Marketing with a focus on social impact makes a company look great to everyone—customers, potential investors, and other businesses.

5. Staying Power: Companies that care about social and environmental issues are more likely to keep doing well in the future.

6. Selling More: People are often okay with paying more for things that are good for society, driving more revenue for your business.

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“Contra exceeded our expectations in every way. From the initial planning stages to the final walkthrough, their dedication to quality was evident. Our dream home wouldn't have been possible without them.”
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“Contra exceeded our expectations in every way. From the initial planning stages to the final walkthrough, their dedication to quality was evident. Our dream home wouldn't have been possible without them.”
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“Contra exceeded our expectations in every way. From the initial planning stages to the final walkthrough, their dedication to quality was evident. Our dream home wouldn't have been possible without them.”
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Amplify Business Value In Sales Initiatives

Embed Social Impact Funding in sales proposals to amplify company revenue and customer retention rates.

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Improve win rates, raise renewal rates and protect margins by adding social impact into sales proposals.

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Proprietary AI recommends social impact organizations based on the CSR and Sustainability goals of your customers.


Seamless integrations with leading marketing, CRM, and CDP solutions.

Distribution of Funding

We will distribute the funding on your behalf - saving you the worry of compliance and more.

Measurement & Reporting

Social impact measurement & audit-worthy reporting aligned with global sustainability frameworks and reporting standards.

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