Embedding Social Impact into Procurement: A Win for All

Explore how to drive impact, engagement, and engagement in procurement with BuyWith, an AI-driven procurement solution from ScaleWith.

A New Horizon in Procurement

Procurement isn't often the first area of business that's associated with innovation. But at ScaleWith, we're on a mission to change that.  By embedding social impact right into your Request for Proposal (RFP) processes, you can redefine your engagement with the supply chain.

Embedding Social Impact into Procurement

Bring social impact into procurement is a strategic addition that reaps measurable rewards.

For one, it enhances your corporate responsibility, but it also boosts your return on investment (ROI) across your operations.

Using BuyWith, our AI procurement tool, you gain unprecedented visibility into your procurement activities. It helps you track engagements across various RFP processes and monitor supplier responses in real time. This level of insight helps you understand supplier commitment to your social impact goals, enabling a more informed partner selection process.

Operational Benefits and Strategic Advantage

Social impact has operational benefits that extend beyond immediate procurement objectives. It strengthens relationships with suppliers by aligning business operations with their social responsibility goals. Moreover, the initiative introduces a new layer of strategic advantage: suppliers are incentivized to participate in impactful activities, knowing that their contributions are recognized and valued at the corporate level.

ROI and Business Value Enhancement

Bringing social impact into procurement processes does more than fulfill CSR objectives—it also delivers a tangible ROI. By allocating a small percentage of deal values towards social initiatives, we create a multiplier effect—enhancing supplier loyalty, encouraging sustainable practices, and driving a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Simplifying Implementation with Technology Integration

ScaleWith's AI procurement solution seamlessly integrates with leading procurement systems like SAP Ariba and Coupa, making the adoption of social impact strategies straightforward and scalable. In other words, you don't have to learn new systems, adopt a whole new tool, or disrupt your flow of work.  Nearly any procurement system, whether legacy or modern, can support impactful purchasing decisions without the need for extensive customization.

The Future of Procurement

As you continue to refine our procurement strategies, the potential for expanding your social impact initiatives is immense. Through continuous engagement with your suppliers and leveraging advanced analytics from our platform, you can build a more sustainable and responsible supply chain that supports your business objectives and contributes positively to our global community.

Ready to learn more? 

For procurement leaders and companies contemplating the integration of social impact into their procurement processes, the example set by Dell offers a compelling blueprint. By aligning procurement strategies with corporate social responsibility goals, companies can achieve significant business benefits while driving positive change in the world.

For a deeper exploration of these strategies and to see how your company can benefit from similar initiatives, contact us for a live demo of our platform and solutions.