ScaleWith Unveils Social Impact Copilot™ for Salesforce

New GenAI-Powered Platform Integrates Social Impact Into Salesforce Customer 360

March 07, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

ALLEN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ScaleWith, the #1 Social Impact AI company, recently announced the public beta availability of its GenAI-powered platform Social Impact Copilot™. This advanced AI tool, built on OpenAI technology and available on the AppExchange, works alongside Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot to transform how businesses align with their customers’ values.

“The partnership between ScaleWith and Salesforce is a game-changer, set to redefine what success means for customers.”

Social Impact Copilot™ seamlessly integrates with Einstein Copilot to help businesses align marketing & sales strategies to deepen customer relationships, drive profits and create operational efficiencies. Social Impact Copilot™ extracts insights from Salesforce's Data Cloud and enriches customer data with CSR, Sustainability and social impact insights, allowing for a deeper understanding of customer needs and societal trends.

Social Impact Copilot™ brings new vitality to Salesforce’s 1-1-1 philanthropy model, which dedicates 1% each of company equity, product, and employee time to local communities. ScaleWith introduces the 1-1-1 2.0 model. This enhanced framework incorporates a second layer of ‘1’ by integrating data-driven social impact strategies into core business operations enabling sales organizations to achieve better win rates, shorter sales cycles and improved client retention, while directing critical funding to address our most pressing global challenges.

“The partnership between ScaleWith and Salesforce is a game-changer, set to redefine what success means for customers,” said Jim Tantaro, Chief Customer Officer at ScaleWith. “By turning every interaction into an opportunity for impact, we are making success synonymous with positive change, ensuring that our customers thrive by driving higher revenues and profits and improving the quality of people's lives in communities around the world."

For more information, please visit or contact Jim Tantaro, Chief Customer Officer at for a demo.

About ScaleWith

ScaleWith is the #1 Social Impact AI technology company that enables sales, marketing & procurement organizations to integrate social impact into B2B transactions, strengthening customer relationships, improving revenue performance and enhancing customer loyalty. ScaleWith delivers operational efficiencies for CSR & Sustainability department operations, amplifying the impact of their initiatives, all while aligning with the company's broader business objectives. ScaleWith's innovative AI technology represents a pivotal advancement in social impact. ScaleWith has generated more than $600M in incremental revenue and directed more than $100M in funding and resources to impact organizations. This transformative platform has positively impacted the lives of more than 60M people worldwide to date.


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