ScaleWith Unveils Social Impact Copilot™ for Salesforce

ScaleWith launches Social Impact Copilot™, a conversational AI, elevating CRM and trust.

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ScaleWith, the #1 Social Impact AI platform, is excited to launch its new Social Impact Copilot™. This advanced AI tool, built on OpenAI technology, works alongside Einstein Copilot to transform how businesses align with their customers’ values. 

ScaleWith’s AI agent makes it easy for users to create responses using their data and trusted sources without the need to acquire AI modeling skills. The AI tool can answer CSR, ESG, Sustainability, and Social Impact questions. It also can generate content, analyze information, summarize important points, and streamline tasks for business teams, including CSR, sales, marketing, and procurement.

Social Impact Copilot™ brings new vitality to Salesforce’s 1-1-1 philanthropy model, which dedicates 1% each of company equity, product, and employee time to the community. The AI integrates social impact directly into Salesforce CRM processes, helping B2B sales teams stand out in proposals by matching their services with the social causes important to their prospective customers.

“This collaboration empowers our customers to leverage their business as a force for good, turning every interaction into an opportunity for impact,” says Jim Tantaro, ScaleWith’s Chief Customer Officer. “Together, we are making success synonymous with positive change, ensuring our customers thrive by doing right by their communities and the world,” he adds.  

Elevating CRM with Social Impact Copilot™

ScaleWith’s tool integrates with Salesforce, enhancing customer relationships through its AI capabilities. Acting as a digital assistant, it analyzes Salesforce’s data to help businesses engage with customers in a more personal and ethical way. 

Building on Salesforce’s pioneering 1-1-1 model, ScaleWith introduces the 1-1-1 2.0 model. The enhanced framework incorporates a second layer of ‘1’ by integrating data-driven social impact strategies into the core business operations, enabling companies to give back and operate as socially responsible entities.

The synergy between ScaleWith’s AI Copilot and Salesforce’s Copilot creates a potent combination that enriches customer data with social impact metrics. This integration enables a more nuanced understanding of customer needs and societal trends, empowering businesses to make informed decisions that align with their social responsibility goals.

Companies leveraging Social Impact Copilot™ on the AppExchange can expect to redefine how they market and sell, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity for impact. The deep insights provided by the integration enable personalized, ethical marketing and sales strategies that resonate with the values of today’s consumers, fostering loyalty and driving sustainable growth.

“Our collaboration with Salesforce and the launch of the Social Impact Copilot™ is a testament to our shared vision of a world where businesses are a force for good,” says Scott Jorgensen, Chief Product & Innovation Officer at ScaleWith. “By embedding social impact at the heart of CRM, we empower companies to not only achieve their business objectives but also to contribute meaningfully to society.”

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ScaleWith Social Impact Copilot™ is available on and on Salesforce AppExchange, inviting businesses worldwide to join this transformative journey towards responsible and impactful customer engagement.

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What Our Customers Say

“Our investment in Salesforce was significantly influenced by its direct integration between ScaleWith and Sales Cloud, the opportunities to leverage Salesforce’s CDP platform, the option to leverage the ScaleWith AppExchange product, and ultimately offering us not just a CRM solution, but a gateway to enhanced value creation. This synergy between Salesforce and ScaleWith Social Impact Copilot™ amplifies our ROI by aligning our sales strategies with our commitment to social responsibility, setting us apart in a marketplace that increasingly values purpose-driven business.”

Gerson Barnett - Right Thing Media

“Observing the AI agent response and the depth of knowledge of how to strategically leverage social impact in connecting to my customers in new ways was impressive. It is making me a smarter marketer when using social impact not only for unlocking opportunities in my campaigns but ensuring we are doing good as a business.”

CMO - Global Health and Life Sciences Company 

About ScaleWith

ScaleWith is a pioneering technology and social impact company dedicated to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to drive social impact and sustainable growth for businesses around the world. At the heart of ScaleWith’s mission is the belief that innovation and ethical business practices should go hand in hand, enabling organizations to thrive while contributing positively to society.

Our suite of AI-driven solutions, including the groundbreaking Social Impact Copilot™, is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing business systems like Salesforce, empowering companies to enhance their customer relationship management, data analysis, and trust-building efforts focusing on social responsibility. ScaleWith’s products are not just tools but partners in our clients’ journeys towards achieving their business objectives in a manner that aligns with their values and the expectations of their customers.