Why Social Impact is Your New Business Superpower

How social impact can help marketers and sales stand out in a sea of sameness and connect with prospects and customers based on shared values. In short, it's a whole new way to revenue and doing well by doing good.

Imagine you're an account executive (AE) using Salesforce Sales Cloud. It's just another day at the office, but today, you're not just managing sales—you're also boosting your company's social impact.

How? By integrating social impact data directly into your CRM. This means while you’re strategizing to win a new deal, you can also see which social causes your potential client is passionate about, right from your dashboard.

Here's why it's a game-changer.

Social Impact: More Than Just Good Karma

In the B2B, relationships are everything.

If you can show a client that your business doesn’t just excel in what it does but also cares deeply about what they care about, you’re not just another vendor—you're a partner. This is how you deepen relationships and build loyalty. For instance, say you're working with a client who's committed to environmental sustainability. If your CRM can show you this interest, you can propose that a part of the deal’s value go towards reforestation projects. It’s a powerful way to show alignment with their values.

Data-Driven Decisions in Social Impact

The beauty of SellWith—an AI sales enablement tool—is that it can harvest and use data from multiple of sources to pinpoint the exact causes your clients care about. This isn't about guessing anymore—it's about making informed, impactful decisions that align with your clients' values and cause areas. For example, this could mean suggesting specific social impact programs that support education if your client is passionate about youth development. By showing them you understand their values and the social impact they care about, you make your proposal much more compelling—and you stand out in a sea of RFPs.

Putting Social Impact Into Action

Imagine you’re closing a deal, and you integrate a proposal where 2% of the deal value supports a local community initiative that your client champions. You’re not just delivering a product or service—you’re also making a statement that your business stands for something greater.

The Bottom Line

Integrating social impact into your business strategy isn’t just good for the world—it’s smart business. It turns transactions into connections and profits into partnerships. It tells your customers that you see beyond the balance sheets to the communities and causes they hold dear. In a world where every company can offer services and products, offering meaning and impact alongside them sets you apart.

So, whether you’re an account executive, a marketer, or a CEO, think about how social impact can be woven into your business fabric.

Bringing social impact into the sales process offers several strategic advantages that can boost the effectiveness and differentiation of a sales team's approach. Here's how embedding social impact directly into your sales workflow—a CRM like Salesforce—can create value without requiring additional budget, instead by reallocating existing marketing funds.

Seamless Integration into Sales Workflow

Adding social impact initiatives into your sales flow is streamlined and non-disruptive. For sales professionals using CRM systems like Salesforce, social impact data and opportunities can be integrated directly into the sales dashboard. SellWith enables sales reps to easily access information on relevant social impact initiatives that match their potential client's values. Sales reps can tap into this data while they're reviewing account details and preparing for a pitch. Our free AI agent, Social Impact Copilot, is there every step of the way. It's a conversational AI like ChatGPT and enables sales and marketing teams to enhance their content, answer their questions, and strengthen their pitches.

SellWith, when integrated into sales tools, doesn't require separate tools and processes; it's all part of your existing sales workflow, making it incredibly efficient.

Differentiation in a Competitive Market

Social impact provides a powerful differentiating factor in sales discussions. Companies today often struggle to stand out purely based on product features or pricing strategies. By demonstrating a commitment to social causes that align with the client's corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals, sales teams can distinguish their offerings from competitors.

No New Money Needed

One of the key advantages of embedding social impact into your sales strategy is that it doesn't require additional funding. Instead, it smartly reallocates parts of existing marketing budgets.

Traditionally, marketing budgets are spent on various promotional activities, many of which can be less effective in generating meaningful customer engagement. By redirecting a portion of these funds towards social impact initiatives linked directly to sales transactions, companies can ensure that their spending not only promotes their brand but also drives tangible social value. In short, this enhances the perceived value of your company’s offerings without increasing spend.

Enhancing Client Relationships and Loyalty

Bringing social impact into sales transactions changes the nature of client interactions from transactional to partnership-driven. When clients see that their business with you also supports their own social impact objectives, it deepens their trust and strengthens business relationships. This strategic alignment often leads to increased customer loyalty, as clients are more likely to continue doing business with a partner that contributes to their values and goals.

Here's an example: 

Imagine a company is pitching to a client who prioritizes educational initiatives. The sales team, aware of this interest through insights gained via SellWith in their CRM, proposes that a percentage of the sales deal is directed towards local education programs. This approach does not require new funds. It reallocates part of the planned marketing expenditure to fund this initiative. This approach creates new and interesting conversation and shows you're invested in the potential customer's values.

How ScaleWith Can Elevate Your Sales and Brand Value

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