Innocito's Transformation with ScaleWith: Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Innocito used ScaleWith to stand out in crowded markets with social impact initiatives, resulting in boosted client relationships, marketing, sales, and revenue growth.

Innocito's Transformation with ScaleWith: Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Innocito, an engineering technical consulting organization, struggled to distinguish itself from the competition. They needed a strategy to attract and retain clients, but with limited marketing resources, promoting their services and driving revenue growth seemed out of reach.

The Challenge

Innocito faced several critical challenges:

  • Market Differentiation: Struggled to stand out among numerous competitors. Their space is highly competitive, and there are players with deeper partnerships and greater marketing budgets.
  • Customer Retention: Innocito did not want to rely on discounting to retain existing clients. Discounting during renewals erodes brand value and gives the message that the client did not realize their full value, so going lower sends the message your services weren’t worth it. 
  • New customer logos: Getting new customers is expensive and time-consuming. Ads are expensive, certain keywords are saturated, and Innocito didn’t have the in-house team or budget to go all-in on customer acquisition. Nor did they want to take risky bets and lose on marketing, PR, and other customer acquisition spending, yielding diminishing results with throttled organic engagement and pay-to-pay platforms. 
  • Revenue Expansion: Needed to boost revenue through change orders and expanded project scopes. Innocito wanted to stand out, make renewals less awkward, and provide their clients with more value and invested partnerships, showing them a commitment to their causes while delivering great work. 

Previous efforts didn't succeed due to limited marketing and unclear differentiation from competitors.

The Solution

ScaleWith delivered a comprehensive solution by integrating social impact initiatives into Innocito’s B2B sales and customer retention strategy. Key components included:

  • Social Impact Integration: Differentiated Innocito by tying social impact contributions to sales and renewals opportunities. By identifying social impact causes that resonate with their customers and prospects, Innocito was able to create deeper connections and build trust in their brand.  
  • Enhanced Marketing Capabilities: ScaleWith’s Gen AI tool, Social Impact Copilot, was used to craft impactful marketing campaigns. 
  • Customer Engagement and Loyalty: Innocito builds stronger client relationships by focusing on social impact and boosting loyalty and satisfaction. Innocito's unique business approach shows its commitment to doing good and drives value. Each client gets a personalized experience based on what they care about most, setting Innocito apart without the need to innovate a new category.
  • Improved Sales Outcomes: Innocito uses social impact incentives to boost sales performance and win rates. ScaleWith’s AI platform integrates social impact into B2B sales deals, helping Innocito stand out. It fits into existing sales, marketing, and customer retention tools, making it easy to use without a steep learning curve.


The implementation process included:

  1. Assessment: Understanding Innocito’s specific needs and challenges was our top priority. Through our blueprinting process, we identified the best use cases to tackle Innocito’s unique pain points and drive impactful solutions.
  2. Strategy Development: We helped Innoito craft a tailored crawl, walk, run strategy to integrate social impact initiatives.
  3. Execution: Using ScaleWith’s tools (like Social Impact Copilot) to launch marketing campaigns and embed social impact into transactions.
  4. Monitoring and Adjustment: Regularly track results and make necessary adjustments to maximize impact.

Bhagawati Manukonda, Co-Founder & CEO at Innocito:

“Partnering with ScaleWith has been transformative for our business. Their platform not only helped us stand out in a crowded market but also enabled us to connect with our clients on a deeper, more meaningful level. We’ve seen a quarter-on-quarter increase in pipeline opportunities across our install base while also improving our net new logo deal velocity.”

Hear from our customer Bhagawati Manukonda and our CEO Jim Tantaro on LinkedIn about the benefits of becoming a social impact business.

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