Fund measurable social impact more efficiently from the transaction level.

Our Social Impact Network of 375+ pre-vetted programs help customers align their social impact funding with ESG regulatory and global impact reporting frameworks and all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Select partners from the ScaleWith network or bring in partners of your choosing.

ScaleWith manages impact end-to-end, beginning with helping you select the right impact program tailored to your needs, all the way through the grant administration process.

ScaleWith ESG reporting aligns to UN SDGs, GRI, SASB, CSRHub and MSCI frameworks.

A few of our Social Impact Organizations

Increasingly, our clients are seeking verifiable strategies to measure and report their ESG and social impact commitments. Through ScaleWith, we are looking to embed sustainability and social impact programs in our customer engagements as a strategic investment to drive a common ESG agenda.
Shailendra Agrawal

EVP and US business head, Coforge

Proprietary AI recommends social impact organizations and programs based on the data and behaviors of you, your customers, and your suppliers.

Select from an expansive global network of pre-vetted social impact organizations, based on your impact priorities and objectives. These programs are focused on the most critical impact outcomes across the globe—from the local and regional to the international and are aligned to address all 17 of the UN SDGs.  

Program funding and grant administration is managed by ScaleWith. We then deliver social impact metrics and storytelling content to our customers to be shared across their stakeholders to both celebrate the impact made and deliver critical ESG reporting.  Reportable social impact metrics and outcomes are reported with detailed alignment to global sustainability frameworks and ESG standards.

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